Best Helmets Under Rs 2000

If you have bought a new Bike and are looking for the Best Helmets Under ₹2000 that can protect you in unexpected situations or accidents, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explore the best Helmets available in the market that come under your budget for just ₹2000.

We will check the best 4 or 5-star rated helmets that cost under ₹2000 that you can buy from Amazon.

Some of the helmets that we are going to explore are manufactured by well-known companies in India, like Steelbird, Vega, STUDDS, Royal Enfield, etc. These helmets provide good protection to your head and are very sturdy and robust, at the same time comfortable enough to wear quickly.

We are going to cover the Full Face Helmets.

Below is the list of Best Helmets Under ₹2000.

Best Helmets Under ₹2000Amazon RatingLatest Price of these Helmets
Vega Ryker Bolder ISI Certified Matt Finish 4.2/5₹1,658
Steelbird SBH-174.2/5₹1,839
STUDDS Trooper Full FACE5/5₹1,695
Vega Edge ISI Certified Full Face Gloss Finish Helmet4.3/5₹1,009
Vega Cliff Dx ISI Certified Lightweight 4.1/5₹1,069
Steelbird SBA-1 R2K ISI Certified 4.3/5 (Amazon Choice)₹1,919
Studds Professional Black 4.3/5₹1,167
Steelbird Cyborg Double Visor Full Face Helmet4.3/5₹1,104
Vega Off Road Sketch4.2/5₹1,787

Points to Consider Before Buying a New Helmet Under ₹2000

  1. ISI Certification: Make sure to check that the helmet is ISI (Indian Standards Institute) approved. The ISI mark denotes that the helmet meets the government of India’s safety regulations. On the helmet, look for the ISI mark.
  2. Helmet Type: Select the appropriate helmet asper your requirement. Full-face helmets are usually recommended for motorcycle riders in India since they provide the maximum protection, covering your entire face and head.
  3. Fit: Put the helmet on and ensure it fits snugly but comfortably on your head. It should be tight enough and comfotable enough . Various brands and models may have varying fits, so experiment with a few alternatives to get the ideal fit for your head shape.
  4. Retention System: Examine the helmet’s retention system, which is typically a chin strap. Make sure it’s easy to modify and secure. In India, double D-ring and quick-release buckle systems are widespread.
  5. Ventilation: Make sure the helmet have a good ventilation.
  6. Weight: Make sure that the helmet is lighter that will help to minimize fatigue during extended rides.
  7. Visor/Shield: Make sure the visor or shield is transparent and easy to adjust or remove for cleaning. Some helmets include anti-fog and scratch-resistant projections, which can be helpful in various weather conditions.
  8. Price: Set a budget for your helmet purchase, but remember that safety comes first. Invest in a high-quality helmet that meets safety regulations and provides adequate protection.
  9. Local regulations: Be aware of your area’s local and state rules regarding helmet requirements. Make sure that the helmet you select conforms to these rules.
  10. Design and Color: Helmets are available in various styles and colors. While style is a personal decision, safety, and visibility should be prioritized. Colors that are bright and reflective improve your visibility on the road.
  11. Warranty: Check the manufacturer’s warranty; it varies depending on the brand and model. A extended guarantee can give you peace of mind about the helmet’s longevity.
  12. User Reviews: Read reviews and get advice from other riders or professionals knowledgeable about the Indian market. Online forums and user reviews provide helpful information.
  13. Replacement Schedule: Remember that helmets have a limited lifespan and must be changed after several years or after being engaged in a severe impact. Check the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  14. Try Before You Buy: If feasible, try on the helmet before purchase to confirm it fits appropriately and is pleasant to wear.
  15. Helmet Stickers: Some helmets include stickers that may be applied to the back for increased visibility and identification. Consider using these stickers to improve safety.
    Choosing the best helmet in India is critical for your road safety. Make sure the helmet you choose is ISI-certified and matches your needs, considering comfort, style, and local rule.

Thankyou for reading.

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