Tata Harrier and Safari are going to get a significant facelift, Will it get a petrol engine? Will it get a 4×4? In today’s blog, I’m going to give you all the clarity.

Tata Harrier was launched in 2019, After that, it never got a significant upgrade. There were minor upgrades, but this one will be a significant upgrade. Lets talk about the significant upgrades.

Lets talk about Exterior first.

Exterior of Tata Harrier Facelift

Harrier always had a DRL. It had a yellow high beam. Now, the situation will change, You will get connected DRLs, DRLs are the daytime running LEDs.

They will be connected like we saw in the Tata Nexon, Or in the concept model of Tata Curvv wherein, these types of headlights were given.

Till now, the yellow headlamps were there, and now will finally be converted into white LEDs. Yes, there has been a long wait. But finally, as they say, it’s been a long time, And it’s finally going to happen. So, the headlights will be completely LEDs. Even the fog lamps of the car, they will also be LEDs.

So, both Tata Harrier and Safari Will get this new front look.

Side and Rear Profile of Tata Harrier Facelift

Now, because this is a facelift, there will be little differentiation in the side profile. 17-inch wheels will be available on the lower variants. And in the higher variants, you will get 18-inch wheels.

There won’t be any change in the ground clearance, However, the design of the alloy wheels, will be tried to match the creation of the Harrier. EV.

If you remember, Nexon EV and Nexon, Both were given similar-looking alloy wheels. So, this same story will also be seen in Harrier and Harrier EV.

Rear Profile

A significant change will also be made in the rear, the current tail lamps of Harrier will be removed, You will have to see a new pattern.
We all want a completely new design element, So, you will get connected tail lamps like you have seen in Nexon. So, Tata Motors is taking the game one level above.

Like, the same way they have done it in Nexon also. And you will not only get to see these new pattern tail lamps in Harrier, But you will also get to see them in Safari, So, the car’s overall styling will still need to be done. Of course, new colors will be introduced.


We have seen a golden colour in the teasers, But apart from that, many more new colours will also be there. Please find all the color’s below.


Interior of Tata Harrier Facelift

We are hoping for a significant change in the interiors here. Harrier and Safari will get a new generation steering wheel illuminated.
And because of this, its design language will be changed entirely.


The digital instrument cluster had already come in Harrier and Safari. However, more customization will be added to it, Because of this, it will become better. Let me add the most significant change here.

This is a new steering wheel. But now, we are expecting it to be an electronic steering wheel. Till now, Tata Harrier and Safari specifically used to give you, hydraulic steering wheels which was very heavy to use.

But we are expecting that now instead of hydraulic, electronic steering wheels will be added. Because of this, your driving experience will be excellent, that is, wherever you drive this car, city or highway, It will be a lot easier to do it.

And the car will become very smooth, So, this will be a massive upgrade in this car. And along with this, the missing features of ADAS in the car, Like the lane-keeping feature, Or adaptive cruise control, All these things will now be offered in both Harrier and Safari.

So, now we complaint about giving half ADAS, The reason for that was. Tata Motors was going to switch from hydraulic to electronic steering wheels. And because of this, they did not develop those features for that car.

They developed it for electronic steering only. Alright, so we had already seen that in Harrier, you used to get a 10.25-inch touchscreen.
They had launched it just this year, But we are expecting that it will be taken one step further, To about 12.3-inches. Yes, you heard it right.

The Old Tata Harrier had two main complaints, One steering being heavy. Second, the fact that its touchscreen looks very outdated,
So, all those things have been taken care of, Tata Motors was listening to all our complaints.

And they have finally worked on it, So, the response to this new screen will be excellent.

It will be easy to use. And we have already experienced a demo of this. In the Nexon.EV already. You will get a good display on this screen,
So, its response will be excellent. You will get a 360 camera, Air purifier, Wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, So, this screen is perfect.

Next, the AC controls will be completely touch-sensitive. As we have already seen on the Nexon.EV, So, it is a carry-forward design of the Nexon. EV. Where Tata Motors is trying to give more features than the Nexon. EV. So, you will have a Type-C charger in the car, USB charger, You will also have a 12V charging point, We already know about the glovebox, Rest assured, the list of features is going to be quite long.

Panoramic sunroof, Leatherette upholstery, Ventilated seats, Both driver and co-driver seats are to be electrically adjustable as well.

I believe the list of features is the same as the Safari Harrier. Some extra features have been given here, As I have already mentioned to you, There will be little differentiation in the space of the second row and third row in the Safari. And the second-row space will be the same in the Harrier.

So, I feel one thing that is still missing in the Safari is the fact that, The boot space when all three rows are raised is relatively tiny.
It isn’t easy to sit in the suitcase, And because it is a facelift, these changes are not being made here. So, this is a clear miss out here.


In both the cars, you get a 2.0-litre diesel engine, Which produces 170bhp and 350Nm of torque. And it comes with a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic.

So, for now, you will get these two cars with this engine. Is petrol coming? Yes, petrol will come, But it won’t come immediately,
The petrol launch will be sometime next year.

So, you are going to get these engines, With 1.5-litre turbo petrol, 170bhp, First, this engine will be introduced in the Curve,
Then, it will be offered in the Harrier and Safari eventually. At least the Harrier is going to come in a 4×4, We need more clarity on the Safari.

But the Harrier 4×4 is going to come in EV only, So, EVs will give separate motors at the front and back. Because of this, you can operate it like a proper 4×4. If the Safari comes in EV, you will get a 4×4.

But it will take some time to come. Now, if I talk about the pricing.


The Harrier will start from around 16 lakhs on the road, And it will go to almost 28 lakhs on-road Mumbai. Whereas the Safari will start from around 18-18.5 lakhs, And its top-end will be somewhere close to 29-30 lakhs on road Mumbai.


By the way, the bookings for these two cars should start from 6th October. And just for your reference, As soon as these two cars launch. We are going to bring its review for you very soon. After that, we will do some comparisons, So that you can get complete clarity on which car is right for you.

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