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The Biggest Youtuber in the World (Mr. beast) recently posted a video where he is driving different cars, where the price ranges for $1 the junk car and finally ended up with the most expensive car $100 million Ferrari.

Mr. Beast not only recorded the video but also tested the features and the driving experience of the cars. He also posted a teaser on X (formerly known as Twitter) about the experience.

He wrote “I can’t believe we got a flying car, a boat car, and a $100,000,000 car for our new video, lol.”

MrBeast (Biggest YouTuber) Rides The World’s Most Expensive Car, Valued At $100 Million

In the 16 minute long video the showstopper was Ferrari 125 S, the first ever Ferrari.

In this video Mr.Beast explored all the cars from exploding them, to sailing them, driving and even flying them, and shows why these cars are expensive.

The YouTuber was seen riding in the $100 million Ferrari at the end of the film after driving and testing cars in every price category.

“This car is so historic and valuable that this museum representative is the only person on Earth who is allowed to drive it,” he explained. It can only be driven on this bridge.

We had cops stop the roads fully, and we even had street cleaners fill in every pothole and scrub the entire street to guarantee that nothing damaged this $100,000,000 car.”

MrBeast, on the other hand, earned $54 million in 2021. According to Forbes, he earns roughly $5 million every month, making him YouTube’s highest-paid video creator.

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